We recognise that good transport is fundamental in building sustainable and thriving local communities.

Since 2001, all local transport authorities have been required to produce a Local Transport Plan (LTP), and keep this under review. An LTP contains the objectives, policies and schemes intended to improve transport in an area, contributing to wider social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Reading’s LTPs have always been a valuable local platform for communicating our plans and programmes for improving transport, and have encouraged engagement and partnership working with other organisations including our neighbouring authorities. Our LTP is also an important tool to ensure that we deliver improvements efficiently and that these achieve good value for money.

Our Vision for Transport

Transport in Reading will better connect people to the places that they want to go: easily, safely, sustainably and in comfort. We will meet the challenges of a dynamic, low-carbon future to promote prosperity for Reading.

Whichever way you choose to travel, by foot or bicycle, bus, rail or car, whether to work or education, to leisure or the services you need, our transport system will help you get there.

Excellent progress has been made in Reading throughout the first two rounds of Local Transport Plans (2001-2006, and 2006-2011) as evidenced through our delivery reports. The next Plan, currently available for consultation, will build on our approach, taking our longer-term strategy forward to 2026.

To comment on our next Local Transport Plan (LTP3), follow the link on the right.  The closing date for comments is 12 November 2010.

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