Sustainable Community Strategy

Sustainable Community Strategy

The purpose of the SCS is to set out a long-term vision and overall strategic direction for the social, economic and environmental well-being of an area in a way that contributes to sustainable development in the UK. It is the overarching plan for promoting the well-being of a given area.

The long-term vision should be firmly grounded in local needs, backed by clear evidence and analysis, and the strategy should identify key priorities for the area, which are realistically achievable in the medium term.

The statutory responsibility for preparation of the SCS lies with the Borough Council, who must consult and seek the participation of other partners , who have a duty to engage.

An updated Strategy was developed during 2010/11, in the context of a new long term Vision for Reading. Both Vision and Strategy have been subject to a wide range of consultation processes, working through the Partnership structures and networks as described elsewhere on this site.

The Strategy can be downloaded on the link opposite, and the Vision for Reading is available on this link:

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