Partnership structures

The Partnership consists of a wide range of individual member organisations and networks drawn together from the public sector, the private sector and the voluntary, community and faith sectors.

A Jargon-Buster section opposite will help you understand some of the different groups and abbreviations that you may encounter in this sometimes confusing world!

The Partnership Board is the overseeing body for all the work that goes on, and it consists of  representatives from each of the major sectors. The current make-up of the Board is shown on the attached document.

A series of  thematic partnerships are the main delivery vehicles for getting the work of the Partnership done. Some of these have been in existence for a number of years, some derive their existence from legislation, others have been set up in order to fulfil a particular purpose in the context of Reading's needs.

Further details of the work of these partnerships and other theme areas can be found in the main sections of this website.

Consultation and engagement activities are carried out in a wide variety of ways, usually through thematic partnerships or individual member organisations (depending on the nature of the consultation or engagement.)

In addition to these channels we have set up a group for members of the public or any other organisation called the LSP Forum so that we can directly engage with interested parties, and we hold an event each year to interact with this key grouping. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this group, please go the Subscribe section of the website and enter your details there

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