Survey results - SCS Consultation on the 8 building blocks

15 February 2011

Consistent views on top priorities for Reading's future Strategy

Archived press release

The survey carried out from November 2010 to January 2011 on the 8 building blocks of the Sustainable Community Strategy used a variety of events and channels to collect views, including a survey in Broad Street, the annual LSP Forum gathering, an on-line tool, and a range of other meetings and forums.

Throughout the consultation, ‘Breaking the Cycle of Poverty’ came out top across almost all the response channels (2nd most popular from the Broad Street responses).

‘Capable Communities’ and Skills for All’ were also highly rated, both always in the top 4 highest rated priorities.

‘Celebrating Diversity’ was rated 7th, apart from a higher rating at the Forum event, and ‘High Speed Broadband and IT’ was always the lowest rated priority. Its 3.18 rating shows that this is still seen as important, if not as important as the other 7.

Overall we had 1195 responses to the consultation, of which 623 were made online.

The online survey tells us 76% of respondents were from the public sector, 14% were private sector and 9% chose other – mostly volunteering or retired.

Of the respondents, only 3% did not live or work in Reading. 66% lived in Reading and 87% worked in Reading.

It may interest you to know:
• Young people rated ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and ‘High Speed Broadband and IT’ notably higher than the average.
• The postcards collected in the RBC foyer were generally very positive, with higher responses across the board.
• The small number of postcards collected from a Physical Disabilities and Sensory Needs event shows lower than average scores for ‘Breaking the Cycle of Poverty’ and ‘Capable Communities’, but higher than average for ‘High Speed Broadband and IT’ and ‘Skills for All’.

A full breakdown of the results can be found in the Resources section of the website. (Link to the right)

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