Voting on priorities at the annual LSP Forum

18 November 2010

LSP Forum delegates' views on the priorities for the draft Sustainable Community Strategy

Archived press release

Delegates at the annual LSP Forum held on 16th November 2010 at the Town Hall took part in a voting exercise. The voting followed discussion in groups about 8 priorities, or building blocks, that the Partnership Board believe we need to focus on as we work towards the long term Vision for our town.

The voting process scored each building block on an importance scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high)

The building blocks and the average scores reflected in the voting are:

Breaking the cycle of poverty       Average score 4.67

Capable communities                  Average score 4.33

Celebrating diversity                    Average score 3.87

High speed broadband & IT         Average score 2.77

Cultural life                                 Average score 3.70

Renewable energy                     Average score 3.53

Skills for all                                Average score 4.56

Fasttrack 2020 park & ride          Average score 3.48

Suggested additional/alternative building blocks were also proposed by the groups along with views on how we can work together in future by identifying thing sthat will help (enable) or hinder (block) progress in a time of severely constrained public sector finances,

Further information on all of this can be found on this link:

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