New apprenticeships in Reading more than doubled

13 December 2010

Highest increase in the South East of England

Archived press release

During the period July 2010 to October 2010 235 16-18 year olds started an apprenticeship. This represents a 119.6% increase in apprenticeship starts for the same period in 2009. This is the highest increase across the nineteen authorities in the South East of England with the second highest authority showing an increase of 66.4%.

The number of apprenticeship starts across all ages for the period July-October 2010 was 420 which is a 100% increase on the same period last year.

A meeting involving more than 25 Apprenticeship Training Providers was held in Reading on 6th December. This meeting achieved four key things:

(a) To develop the concept of the Reading Apprenticeship Brand
(b) To establish a Reading Training Provider Partnership
(c) To agree to a Business Breakfast meeting promoting apprenticeships
(d) To agree to launching a 100 in 100 campaign in Reading.

The Reading Apprenticeship Brand

The Reading Apprenticeship Brand will provide a local feel to the notion of apprenticeships. It will also establish a common message and set of practices to make systems simpler for employers to manage and identify with.

The Reading Training Provider Partnership

Training Providers are competitors in business. At the same time there is a significantly untapped market for new apprenticeships in Reading. Developing a partnership will enable training providers to work together to increase their business and also deliver more apprenticeships to people in Reading.

The Business Breakfast Meeting

February 7th is National Apprenticeship Week and in that week Reading Borough Council in partnership with Reading UK CIC, the Thames Valley Regional Network of Training Providers (TVRN) and the National Apprenticeship Association is hosting an event in order to promote apprenticeships to employers. Training providers will be invited and there will be opportunities to commit or sign up to taking on apprentices on the day.

The 100 in 100 campaign

The 100 in 100 campaign aims to get 100 apprenticeships signed up over the next 100 days. Each Training Provider that signs up to the campaign contributes around £850 and this money is used to fund a coordinated and high profile marketing campaign. We will be launching a 100 in 100 campaign at the Business Breakfast.

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