This page deals with provision of infrastructure in Reading

An adequate level of infrastructure is essential to support existing residents and businesses, and to underpin any proposed growth. Infrastructure can take many forms, including:

• Transport;
• Energy;
• Water and wastewater;
• Education;
• Health;
• Emergency services;
• Community infrastructure, e.g. meeting spaces; and
• Green infrastructure, e.g. parks and wildlife areas.

A number of different bodies have responsibility for different aspects of infrastructure provision. A list of links to the websites of various organisations who may be considered to be infrastructure providers is on this page, although it is not necessarily comprehensive.

Co-ordinating infrastructure provision with new development and change is of great importance. The Council has prepared an Infrastructure Delivery Plan, which summarises the important infrastructure that will be provided to support Reading's growth and sets out timescales and responsibilities. This is available on this page. Please note that it is a 'live' document and will continue to be updated over time.

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