Housing Strategy 2009/14

From Theory to Practice....

Reflecting this commitment throughout, the Housing Strategy 2009/14 builds on the 2004 Housing Strategy Update to increase the strategic focus across a number of key areas. This includes a drive to:
• Increase the range and supply of specialist accommodation for older people and disabled adults, reflecting both an ageing population and a market shift away from residential care to supporting more people to live independently in the community
• Improve conditions and standards in the private housing sector with a clear preventative agenda. This will improve the health and safety of residents, and environmental sustainability of these properties
• Recognise the role of housing in building community capacity with a continuing focus on holistic neighbourhood regeneration, including physical, social and economic factors
• Increase the information available to residents of all tenures, offering people more choice and control
Translating these targeted outcomes into practical steps, Reading Borough Council’s Housing Strategy 2009-2014 sets out ten strategic objectives. When combined, these objectives will enable the delivery of the vision for decent and affordable Housing set out for the town in the Sustainable Communities Strategy.

Under each objective, in addition to the context and evidence explaining the importance of the action required, a series of delivery mechanisms are also listed. These outline how the objective will be implemented and achieved. Each objective is outlined in full in the Housing Strategy 2009/14 http://www.reading.gov.uk/housing/housingstrategiesandplans/housingstrategy/ .

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