Homelessness Strategy

Combatting homelessness

Aligned with Reading Borough Council’s Housing Strategy there is a published Homelessness Strategy. Through analysing local need, service provision, best practice and stakeholder consultation, the Council has identified six key themes for the Homelessness Strategy 2008-13, which are:

  • Preventing vulnerable adults becoming homeless
  • Preventing families and young people becoming homeless
  • Moving people away from rough sleeping
  • Preventing homelessness arising from domestic abuse
  • Strengthening partnerships to prevent homelessness
  • Accessing affordable housing


In conclusion, both the Homelessness Strategy 2008-2013 and the Housing Strategy 2009-2014 sets out a bold but achievable vision for communities throughout the region.

Set out clearly in distinct objectives, delivery will progress the aims of the Sustainable Communities Strategy in relation to the growth of decent and affordable housing. The document will also provide a strategic steer for the Local Authority and its partners as they continue to meet key priorities. Namely, the challenges of evolving supply demands, improving residents’ living environments - both in their own homes and in their neighbourhoods - and increasing support for individuals requiring specific accommodation to retain their independence, safety and security.

Recognising the place-shaping role held by Reading in the Thames Valley, it is now more essential than ever that we work with neighbouring authorities to help the region thrive.

Together, these will be the key outcomes of Reading’s Housing Strategy 2009-2014 and in combination; they will deliver a firm foundation for the future

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