Housing in Reading

Looking ahead: building firm foundations...

In 2008, a new Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) was published; Reading 2020, Shaping Reading’s Future and the vision for the town remained the same. The strategy promotes the continued growth of Reading while recognising that this growth must be sustainable and inclusive, to build prosperous and cohesive communities going forward.

The ‘Decent and Affordable Housing’ chapter within the SCS reflects the national and local priorities in relation to housing. The priorities within this chapter are:

• To increase the overall supply of new housing, including affordable housing in all tenures
• To improve conditions in the existing housing stock across all tenures to at least the Government’s ‘Decent Homes’ standard
• To prevent and reduce homelessness, particularly among families with children and people sleeping rough

To maintain and develop the place-shaping role of Reading Borough Council, it is vital that the local authority continues to provide appropriate housing and environments to support the economic growth of the town, in a way that is sustainable for the future. The housing requirements of all residents must be recognised. However, the housing needs of residents that are vulnerable or on a low income must continue to be a priority.

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