Fairer Reading

A Fairer Reading..

’.. is a place where everyone can contribute to, and benefit from, a vibrant, and diverse community. It is a place where all people thrive - physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and economically.

It is a welcoming place where everyone feels safe and valued. It is a place where people feel they belong and where they have the opportunity to participate fully in the community.

It is a place that celebrates diversity and there are strong and positive relationships between people of different backgrounds’

Reading 2020 Community Cohesion Framework 2007


Reduce inequality between Reading’s neighbourhoods
Reduce levels of poverty, particularly where children are affected
Develop a strong sense of inclusive citizenship and cohesion

In 2009

82% of residents believe people from different backgrounds get on well together in their local area (78% 2008)

51% of residents feel they belong to their neighbourhood (44.4% 2008)

33% of residents feel they can influence decisions in their locality (29% 2008)

26.4% of residents volunteer regularly (24% 2008)

73.3% of residents feel local services treat them fairly (74% 2008)

Anti Poverty

Partners are working on 4 areas to reduce poverty:

1. Breaking the cycle of poverty by improving life chances
2. Income maximisation for those who can’t work.
3. Up-skilling and support to improve employability and access to better paid work
4. Building sustainable communities.

The Thriving Neighbourhoods Programme

The Thriving Neighbourhoods Programme (TNP) works with organisations from across local services, schools and businesses, as well as community, voluntary and faith groups. We work together to tackle local problems and deal with issues facing disadvantaged areas and communities in Reading.

Reading Declaration

Leaders of Reading's public services are determined to eradicate racial discrimination and to promote race equality, both within their organisations and in the services they provide to the people of Reading.

Welcome Pack for New Residents

Reading is a vibrant and diverse place to live and work, with communities from all over the world. If you are new to Reading and/or the UK you'll find this short guide a useful start in helping you settle in.


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