Culture, Leisure and Sport

 We would like to say a big thank you to the 2255 individuals that took part in the Culture, Leisure and Sport consultation, which will inform the development of culture, leisure and sport contribution to Reading’s New 2030 Sustainable Communities Strategy.

Images from events at activities from Culture and Sport in Reading Later this year we will be launching Reading’s Strategic Culture, Leisure and Sports Partnership – if you would like to get involved then please email us at to join the culture, leisure and sport community call to arms.

Reading's cultural achievements have played a key role in delivering a large number of key priorities for Reading and its community. We have created a strong foundation for our cultural life in the future.

‘A Life Worth Living, The Next Chapter, 2009-12’ will have a clear role to play in delivering the Reading 2020 (Local Strategic) Partnership's vision for its community:

“Our vision is to maintain and improve the quality of life in Reading, embracing the challenges of a dynamic, inclusive urban community of the 21st century. Everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from all that Reading can offer. Everyone has a part to play in shaping our future.”

Our Cultural Strategy is founded on the Reading 2020 (Local Strategic) Partnership and its Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) priorities.

Reading’s Cultural Strategy aims to stimulate and support cultural expression and participation across Reading by:

  • building a cultural network through partnership, innovation and vision
  • creating a cross-sector strategic partnership for Culture, Leisure and Sport in Reading connected to the Reading 2030 Partnership

The Cultural Strategy, ‘A Life Worth Living - The Next Chapter’, marks our commitment to ensuring that the strategy embraces all who live, work, study in, invest in and visit Reading. It also expresses our ambition for Reading to be recognised for its cultural identity, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Don’t worry if you didn’t have a chance to contribute this time round, as we will be running the consultation on an annual basis for the community to tell us about their key priorities for Culture, Leisure and Sport in Reading. We will also be incorporating your feedback on improving the format and duration of the consultation.

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