Reading Climate Change Partnership - who are they?

The Reading Climate Change Partnership is comprised of he Executive Board and any associated groups set up and mandated by the Executive Board, to include a wider Reference Group. The role of the Reference Group will be to: • Report Progress against outcomes • Seek ideas and priorities for action.

The decision-making body of the Reading Climate Change Partnership is the.
Executive Board
• The Executive Board has a maximum of twelve members.
This can be varied by a decision of the Board itself.
• The members comprise a mix of business, statutory, and
community members. Membership of the Board is a voluntary
• The Board will commission the development of Job
Specifications for the board members.
• The Board will initially consist of the following organisational
i. A Large Reading based Business
ii. A small/medium Reading business
iii. NHS Berkshire West
iv. Reading Borough Council - The Executive member
responsible for Climate Change
v. Reading Borough Council - The lead officer responsible
for Climate Change
vi. The Environment Agency (Chair)
vii. A Community Group representative (Greater Reading
Environmental Network)
viii. A Voluntary Community Sector representative
ix. The University of Reading

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