Reading Climate Change Partnership - what it does and how it does it.

Reading Climate Change partnership will work across all sectors to deliver urgent appropriate action to reduce Reading’s contribution to climate change and to adapt to climate change which occurs.

What does the partnership plan to do?
a) Build a sustainable, low carbon economy in Reading, focussed on
meeting local needs.
b) Develop strategies that reduce carbon footprints, and support action
towards resilience and adaptation through enabling behaviour change,
education and collaboration.
c) Bring about changes to organisational attitudes,
policy and practice, supporting climate change mitigation and
adaptation actions accross all sectors.
d) Provide a leadership role in relation to climate change.

How does the partnership plan to work?
The partnership will achieve its mission and aims by:
a) Ensuring that climate change mitigation and adaptation are integrated
into the high level aims and delivery of the Reading Sustainable
Community Strategy.
b) Establishing a Strategic Framework, including outcomes and specific
targets, that provides a framework to inform the focus and activities of
working groups to develop and deliver specific projects
c) Building a citizen, business, public and voluntary consensus for [urgent
and targeted] action
d) Acting as a catalyst and attracting funding for climate change initiatives
that require a collaborative / partnership approach across Reading.
e) Supporting collaborative projects and working to maximise effective
joint working across all sectors in relation to climate change.
f) Being bold and considering radical and innovative solutions.
g) Collaborating and networking outside Reading to share learning and
establish best practice.
h) Educating and engaging the public in the work of the Partnership.

Where does the partnership work?
The Partnership will operate over the Reading Borough Council area, but
will work across and beyond administrative boundaries where this
will make it easier to achieve key goals.

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