Reading Climate Change Partnership

The Reading Climate Change Partnership is a sub group of the Reading Local Strategic partnership which will help to develop and deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy and the Reading Climate Change Strategy.

The Reading Climate Change Partnership liaises with and participates in
Climate Berkshire, the Climate Change Partnership for Berkshire, and the Reading Diamond for Investment and Growth. The partnership will work across all sectors to deliver urgent appropriate action to reduce Reading’s contribution to climate change and to adapt to climate change which occurs.

Reading Means Business on Climate Change
A new climate change strategy for Reading for 2013-2020, 'Reading Means Business on Climate Change', is being developed by the partnership. The strategy is currently at the draft stage and sets out a vision and a set of strategic priorities for each of seven themes.

The strategy was launched on Tuesday 24th September, at University of Reading, Henley Business School. At the same time RCCP will also launched the Reading Climate Action Network, which will call people can join to work together on the challenge of meeting the ambitious vision set out in the strategy.

Vist the Reading Climate Action Network to find out more and get involved

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