Reading's Safeguarding and Looked After Children Services Inspection

‘Keeping Children Safe’ is one of the key priority areas for Reading’s Children’s Trust and how we aim to meet these challenges are detailed within the Children and Young People’s Plan.  However it is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard the children and young people of Reading.

In February 2012 Ofsted carried out an inspection of Reading's safeguarding and looked after children services.  Overall, the inspectors found that Reading is ‘adequate’ in terms of the way it resources, manages and delivers children’s services. The inspection found a number of areas of good practice (in relation to looked after children) and noted examples of good practice in educational achievement, services for care leavers and children and young people being actively engaged in influencing services. One area of work, health outcomes for looked after children - was judged to be inadequate.

The report made a number of recommendations about actions that needed to be taken, these being classified as ‘immediate’ within three months and within 6 months. There has been a huge amount of work on the Safeguarding Action Plan (the latest report to Cabinet is attached on the right) to address the issues raised by the inspectors and many of the actions are already in place. The Ofsted report is also attached on the right.

In preparation for the inspection, at the end of 2011 we produced a briefing document for colleagues across the Children's Trust which explained where we were with regards to safeguarding children and looked after children in Reading .   As well as some key data and supporting evidence for both these areas, the document included a look at safeguarding in action with examples of intervention and targeted prevention activity.  'Reading's Safeguarding and Looked After Children Journey' can still be accessed via the link on the right of the page.

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