Reading Children's Trust Workshops

The Children's Trust Board regularly runs workshops to look more closely at a particular issue. These sessions are usually open to a wide range of colleagues, and are an excellent opportunity to meet with people you rarely get to see and make some new contacts.

In July 2015 we held a workshop focusing on the future of emotional and mental health services in Reading.  When the presentation and results of the workshop are available they will be included on the right of this page. 

During 2014 we ran a couple of workshop sessions to review our priorities and agree the basis of the new Children and Young People's Plan 2015-2018.  This plan is now available in the 'Children and Young People's Plan' page, found in the list on the left.

In May 2013 we looked at the commissioning intentions or key priority work areas from partners across the Trust.  Each partner gave a brief presentation before we spent time looking at how this work will impact on our Children's Trust priorities.  The flipchart notes, agenda, presentation and a couple of the handouts can be downloaded from the list on the right.

In October 2012 the focus of the workshop was the health needs of Reading's children and young people.  The session provided the opportunity to discuss and understand the role of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2012/13 and used some specific case studies to facilitate discussion and understanding on how three health areas can be used to inform the local priorities and commission evidence based services.  On the right you will find the workshop programme, handouts and presentations, plus the feedback document.  Some common themes came out of the discussions and these will be addressed by the Children's Trust Board (minutes and papers of meeting are available via the 'Children's Trust Documents' page).

In April 2012 the workshop was planned and delivered by the Youth Cabinet and focussed on what it's like to be a young person in Reading.  A link to the video review of this session is available at the bottom right of this page.

November 2011 was the first workshop and had a title of 'Making Inter-agency Working a Reality: A Focus on Early Intervention'.  This session brought together 80 colleagues from across the partnership, including schools, the voluntary sector, the youth cabinet and parents, to look at how we can all work together better, to build on existing relationships and establish links with new partners and organisations.  The presentation and results of the session can be found on the right.

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